Authentic Events & Conversations
On Topics that Affect Us All

Ever get confused at what is happening around you?
Daily experiences, news, situations…
Is it weird, hilarious, overwhelming or crystal clear?
Or everything at the same time?

In these wild and wonderful times everything seems a bit crazy.
And when everything gets too much, its often a good idea, to just talk about it.

Zoom in and out, tackle a new topic, dive deeper.
Learn, share, criticise, de-construct.
Explore and understand.
Listen, take time, to talk, understand-communicate , and perhaps even dare,
to take no conclusions, yet simply bathe with peace in the complexity that is this wonderful life. We all go through the same and have different perspectives.

Let’s talk about it is a mindset movement.
A series of authentic events & conversations on topics that affect us all.
Hosted with love in conversations with subject matter connoisseurs that will expand any mind

Born out of a love for communication and a need to talk about the process
Let’s talk about it.

How do we talk about it?

Chat show

Chat show

Live shows. In conversation with
3+ subject matter connoisseurs.
Hosted with love



Interviews with
subject matter connoisseurs



Talk about something
you care to share

Learn, laugh and dive deeper as together we expand our minds
Feel empowered to rise in the complexity of today


Thursday 29 February

@ NIO HOUSE Rotterdam
18:00 - 19:00
Free entry. Register online via Eventbrite


Thursday 28 March

@ NIO HOUSE Rotterdam
18:00 - 19:00
Free entry. Register online (coming soon)


Thursday 25 April

@ NIO HOUSE Rotterdam
18:00 - 19:00
Free entry. Register online (coming soon)

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Meet your host

Lets talk about it is hosted by Stephanie Bartscht. A passionate, multilingual strategist and host who believes in the power of language and communication to drive systemic change.

Stephanie is a visionary multilingual strategist and host who combines strategic planning expertise with a passion for language and communication to ignite systemic sustainability. Authentic, integral and action-orientated she brings experience from start-up, corporations and small businesses worldwide. With a deep understanding of our interconnectedness and the urgency of our challenges, Stephanie believes that by thinking in systems and effectively communicating we can achieve great things, such as creating a healthy future for all.

After a decade of driving sustainability in businesses, stephanie recognized the need to prioritize her own sustainability. To reconnect and remind herself of her power and potential. This journey led to the birth of lets talk about it. A project born out of the need to talk and connect around the process of life. To remove the idealism of change and get real. Get vulnerable and get honest.

Lets talk about it is the inspirational leg of Stephanie’s business EVERiSE. A strategic business and communication agency that inspires and facilitates businesses and their people inspire and facilitate teams to embrace sustainability.

Whilst business planning and rational thinking may facilitate the journey of reconnecting businesses and their people to their purpose, it is through real-life personal stories that the heart is ignited and inspired to change. It is through this combination of heart and head that Stephanie invites individuals to reconnect with their purpose and approach to life, work, and business with renewed vigor and authenticity……and be reminded that we are never alone, in fact quite the opposite.

Communication comes from ‘communicare' (verb)
To make common.
The more we talk - the more we realise we’re the same. Unique combinations of the same code.

Stephane believes that Strength comes from uniting in common ground.
Realizing you are not alone. Inspired by this everyone can rise.
But to get there we must share. Exchange experiences, Be vulnerable, and expand.
Only that way can we begin to create a healthy future for all


Lets talk about it...

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